Monday, March 5, 2012

Calendar Function

Every morning while I sit with my coffee and slowly come to life I try to get something productive done. Whether it is creating a list of pressing things to do (which generally doesn't include any pressing--as I believe in dry cleaners) or writing a grocery list or journaling something as inane (or sad) as what I wear each day (don't judge me), it is nice to leave the house already having accomplished something. I suppose that way, even if school is an abysmal failure, I can still end the day knowing the day was not for naught.

This morning, as I updated my calendar on my iPad, only after taking my Words With Friends turns, I couldn't help but flip forward on my calendar--with all that attitude of a finger swipe on an iPad--and realize that six weeks from this morning I will be waking up in sunny San Diego...As I will six weeks from tomorrow, and the day after that, until I wake up in Los Angeles a couple of mornings after that.

I guess I'll go easy on myself then. All of those days simply being there will be count for accomplishing something, no?

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