Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joanne is...CRANKY

Before there was scrapbooking there were college dorm room collages made from magazine clippings, which today would be considered affirmation or vision boards. Before there was texting and tweeting and Facebook, there were fancy message boards. Real message boards that you could touch, and that hung on doors. The best and most creative were on RAs' doors, because in addition to being able to scribble a message somewhere to her, she was important enough to publicize her whereabouts in case anyone on her floor might be looking for her. Maybe there was a pocket in which various cards were stored, with a place to tack the card that applied at the moment--in the library, in class, off campus--or a pie representing all the possibilities with a spinning arrow in the center to let you know if she was sleeping, or in a meeting. The best RAs had a sense of humor and honesty; they weren't afraid to let you know they needed quiet and didn't want to be disturbed or wanted distractions to help them procrastinate.

I wish things could be that simple and straightforward these days. I wish I could say where I am and what I'm feeling, and not necessarily to the whole world through cyberspace, just to those who should know what they're up against.

Joanne is...
  • out
  • shopping
  • watching Food Network
  • cooking
  • reading
  • writing
  • correcting papers
  • balancing her checkbook
  • paying bills
  • broke
  • feeling sorry for herself
  • cleaning
  • procrastinating
  • drinking
  • drinking while cooking
  • drinking while paying bills...(well, I guess I could just pin drinking next to whichever other card applies) (or maybe we could just call it...)
  • multi-tasking
  • hiding from the world
  • on the phone
  • gassy
  • hiding from the world because I'm gassy
  • bored--happily
  • sleeping
Today, I think I'd just be

1 comment:

Tam said...

I miss the old message boards! You just brought back a ton of good dorm memories ;)

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