Monday, November 1, 2010


I’ve had enough of the political ads and the candidate bashing. I know I’m not alone. On and on and back and forth, ads so contradictory one has to be a lie, right? You don’t know which to believe. Or you do. It’s in your gut and has been since the ads began running, and so the ads haven’t influenced your decision one way or the other. They’ve been pointless. A giant waste of money.

The hatefulness bothers me, but spending as much money as the candidates did being as hateful and negative as they have been boggles my mind.

Forty-million dollars to run for senate??? And that’s just one senatorial candidate, whose company parades women as objects (and for whom I will not be voting), in one state. Imagine all the senate and gubernatorial races. All that money.

How many uninsured people could we have covered for a year, two, or ten with that money?

How many more houses in New Orleans could we have rebuilt?

How many schools could we have renovated? How many books could we have purchased?

How many not-for-profit agencies could we have supported without raising taxes?

How many unemployment benefits could we have paid for those who can’t find a job?

How many jobs could we have created?

How much biomedical research could we have supported with that money?

[insert your own ideas here]

You get the point. People are struggling, while others are donating to campaigns that amount to a bunch of reeaalllly expensive trash talking.

Let it be over. I’d much rather watch a commercial that tells me to have a happy period.

Enough said. All around.

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Tam said...

I could not agree with you more. It's appalling, and sad to think of where this nation's priorities are.

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