Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Colors of my Weakness

I went in for the throw blanket that went on sale that morning from 49.95 to 9.95. Wait. Let me back up.

I had seen the blanket, which matches with my new duvet, in the Crate and Barrel catalogue but knew there was no way I'd pay 50 bucks for a throw. That morning I went through my mail and found a postcard from them announcing their summer sale, beginning that very day.  Hello? Divine intervention, no? Especially when I saw the throw was almost free!

There were none available on-line, but I was instructed to check stores for availability, then to call the store to check for limited availability. The store closest to me (as you may remember) at Greenback Blue Back Square was willing to hold the blanket until later that day. While on the phone with the very helpful Jen I asked if they had any of the green flower planters left. She said they had plenty of those; there was no need to hold the two I wanted. (What? They were on sale from 12.95 to 5.95! And perfect for my lemon trees!)

So later that day, my first day of vacation, in fact, after my self-allotted incremental dose of sun, I went to pick it up. As I made that emotional descent on the escalator I was again greeted by colors that make me happy.

The nesting baskets were on sale. And so was that tortilla warmer that I've been thinking about for months, ever since I bought that vase. And those chop sticks? How could I not?...

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