Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Vacation

This time last year I was pre-packing for my trip to San Diego, reviewing my itinerary, wishing away Friday, that one day that stood between me and vacation. I would be happy to skip over Friday this year too, and I would LOVE to be heading to California, but there is no itinerary with my name on it this year. So sad...

Yet it's all good. I have some plans close to home and will spend time with some people important to me. I'll also spend some time alone. I'll rest and do some more spring cleaning and will spend some time writing. I'll go to the gym, I'll cook, I'll go out to eat, and I'll read. I'll probably put together my balloon check wish list, and a project list, and I may make plans for Memorial Day weekend--which will be extra long this year because of a furlough day. (Lucky me it falls on my birthday.)

I will be content to be at home rather than complain about not being away. I will remember that everything happens for a reason and I will count my blessings.

And I will not use the word staycation. Not even once.

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Amy said...

We [heart] vacation!

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