Friday, April 30, 2010

April: √

This last week of April was difficult--busy and a little stressful at times. But the first week back after a vacation always is, and now it is done. More importantly, it was more good than bad in the end.

I got great news from Donna that she is responding well to chemotherapy and will continue on the clinical trial. Yay!

A medical question mark appeared over my dad but we erased it almost quickly as it appeared. And he is well. In those 24 hours of uncertainty I felt as loved and supported by friends as I ever have, and know now that I could have handled a different outcome because of them.

And today, after this first busy week back from vacation, three girls came to see me after school, separately, to visit. Not to get extra help or make up a lab. In fact, two of the girls are former students. They came in just to talk. I still had a test to write for Monday, and it was a Friday afternoon, but I wasn't put out. I appreciated that they felt like they could come in, that they wanted to come in. They were my reminder of what I do, and why I continue to do what I do despite some of what I'd prefer to do without. (Like crap that is not in short supply.)

I can make it to the end of the year, I thought. Easily.

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Tam said...

Those visits make it all worth it! :)

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