Friday, October 2, 2009

Signs of Fall

September 22 came and went, the official beginning of fall, and it was 80 degrees (or close to it) in southern New England. Then it was 60. At least the most obvious, tell-tale sign of fall—the changing leaves—was a reality check. But even with the foliage underway, it sometimes takes other events or signs for it to really sink in that the seasons are really changing. This week has been a succession of such signs.

1. I made my first pot of chili of the season for my weekend in Vermont.
2. As you know, I am a coffee purist. I don’t like flavored creamers or coffee—except for pumpkin spice coffee. I had a cup yesterday. It was delicious.
3. The daily scent in my house is Yankee Candle Pumpkin Spice.
(Guess there's a theme there.)
4. When I got home from the Big E the other night, still frozen, I closed my windows.
5. I wore long pants three days in a row.
6. I know that I really should have worn closed-toed shoes today.
7. I took my fleece blanket out of the closet and put in on the end of my couch.
8. I wore the sweatshirt I bought in Vermont the other day.
9. I wore fuzzy socks to bed.
10. I've been eating apples.
11. I switched back to red wine from white.

Maybe fall is here to stay. Then again, this is southern New England.

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Tam said...

Hey, great post. I was "thinking" this list too...if I do end up writing it, don't think I'm a copycat!

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