Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[Heart] Note....to the Mechanics at my Oil Change Place

After all the inconvenience and aggravation I suffered over the weekend trying to get my alignment done, I still had one more car care issue to deal with. I needed an oil change and I made an appointment.

Imagine how tentative I was walking in. Would they be as cavalier about my appointment? Add to that the fact that I was early and wondering if they’d take me early so I could get to the gym before the dinner rush and tentative now looks like crazy. Well…

They took me early! And they didn’t try to sell me a half dozen filters or parts that probably don’t even exist! I used my coupon and left spending only what I planned to.

“You made my day,” I said to the mechanic at the counter. And I thanked the one who changed my oil. "Thanks so much!" I stopped just short of saying, "I [heart] you guys." But I said it here.

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