Friday, October 30, 2009

Making Things Right

or follow up to Breakdown

I think it’s only fair that I update you on my tire nightmare…

Early this week I decided to pursue a formal complaint with the Customer Service Coordinator at the tire company (that I said sucked) after my experience with them last weekend. The CSC replied to my initial email and asked me to call to discuss specifics. I did, and was able to share my frustration and disappointment--along with names and times. In return he offered his sincere apologies and told me that he would refund me the labor costs associated with the four hour nightmare (actually six--two on Friday, four on Saturday), for which he said there was no excuse. I have not received my check in the mail yet, but I should get it any day.

Obviously I would have preferred good customer service last weekend, but at least they (he) tried to make good. I won't get those 6 hours of my life back, but I'll take the 67 bucks.

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