Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Page at a Time

So after Wednesday's dip into the depths of despair I knew I needed something--something beyond retail or restaurant therapy--STAT. Aha! That's it, I thought, I need to go buy myself a good book to bring to a restaurant--which is soooo different from just buying another purse or pair of shoes before going out to eat. If I needed something to occupy my mind (which clearly I did) and help me to escape (ditto), and maybe inspire me to write (wouldn't that be nice?) I needed to get myself to a bookstore.

Two books (one fiction, one non), some cool bookmarks (that I'll share with Liz), and a fleur de lis dish (for Amy) later, I headed onward for an early dinner. There I had the added benefit of conversation and a few laughs with S and E before I went home and holed up with my new books.

So far so good: the book, the escape, the bonus of inspiration.

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Amy said...

Sounds ideal.

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