Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...?....

Just this morning at the grocery store a man turned to me at the deli counter and asked, "How did you get stuck shopping on Mother's Day?"

"Oh, I'm not a mom," I answered, "I'm going to see my mom later." And then, because I can't stand for people to feel uncomfortable, I added "but note to self, hu? Go grocery shopping on Mother's Day morning! No lines, plenty of parking..."

We both laughed and the moment passed.

I'm happy with the way I handled it, because just yesterday when I was out to lunch I heard a woman, another customer, reply to the friendly server who had wished her a Happy Mother's Day, "I'm not a mother. I don't have a mother."

Yeah. A little harsh.

I guess some of us who are of childbearing or child raising age are more sensitive than others.

Some of us have chosen not to have children ; some of us are not able to have children; some of us missed the opportunity due to timing and life circumstances. And, given the snarky response of the woman seated next to me yesterday, some of us are not at peace with it; others of us are.

To mothers everywhere: Happy Mother's Day! To those of us who are not mothers, I wish for you the dignity to breathe through any Mother's Day wishes (as Deanna did nine times on Friday) knowing the intention is kind.

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Amy said...

Nicely said, and done. I bristled a little myself at the first (of 3) "Happy Mother's Day" wishes I received.

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