Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Present Ever

Yesterday on my birthday, my niece Meredith sent me this collage depicting things I love--Frampton, Boston, Simmons College, reading, Newport, La Jolla, taking photos (that's even my camera!)--and images of things that connect us, that she and I share: we both love Next Food Network Star; we play Draw Something together. Every year since she was 3 or so we go on a pumpkin adventure, and also to the Big E. Most years I am lucky to spend time with her in Newport, where we also shared precious time with Donna.  The chili, pasta fagioli, and bowties with broccoli are her favorite dishes of mine that I cook for her. The picture of Courtney Stodden with For rill? written across it? I'll let you click to the link and leave you to figure out on your own.

So thoughtful, so meaningful, so unexpected. In a nutshell, or collage, I suppose: Best Present Ever.

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Amy said...

What a lovely gift!

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