Monday, May 23, 2011

The Last Three

If I miss the finale of Dancing with the Stars tonight, I will hear tomorrow on the news which of the final three dance pairs wins it all. Ditto if I miss the finale of The Biggest Loser tomorrow night. Ditto Idol. I have gotten sucked into all of those shows this season, and I’ve enjoyed them, but I’m not committed to them the way I am the last three episodes of Oprah. After all, it’s not a season coming to an end, it’s twenty five years.

And watching Extra and Access Hollywood recap the farewell extravaganza won’t cut it.

I have missed a few episodes in this last season of The Oprah Show; I have been disappointed with a few others. (Did the Frey interview really need to be two hours/two days?) But this week I will not miss a single hour of the last three Oprah shows. The last three episodes ever.

I cried today, but didn’t go into an ugly cry, as Oprah would call it. (I LOVED her dress, by the way. And did you see her bling????) Tomorrow will probably be a little more emotional. Wednesday? Yeah, all bets are off.

My eye mask is in the fridge on the ready.


Tam said...

Watched it today...serious sob fest. I'll be done for by Wednesday too.

Amy said...

You're going to need a brand new box of tissues!

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