Friday, May 6, 2011

[Heart] Omeprazole

I used to suffer from frequent heartburn. Peanut butter on toast in the morning, a third cup of coffee during the day, a glass of wine, a good margarita, a slice of pizza were all triggers for oh-too-familiar-to-me heartburn. Eating late was invitation for being up all night, even if I popped a couple of Tums—which I buy in bulk—as a night cap.

And then last week, while I was out running errands, I had heartburn and some CVS extra bucks. But I refused to buy a three pack of rolled Tums for three bucks when I knew I had a ginormous jug of it by my bed. (Even when suffering from a sensation that leaves me wondering how someone could have poured battery acid down my throat without my knowledge, I’m cheap.) I decided instead to try another heartburn prevention medicine. Something new. Something that would maybe work this time. Omeprazole was on sale, and the sign promised instant extra bucks, so I went with that.

I haven’t had heartburn since.

Have not chewed a single Tums since.

Today is Day 8 without heartburn.


I [heart] not having heartburn. And so I [heart] you, Omeprazole.

1 comment:

Tam said...

Sorry I was selfishly harboring this valuable information for so long! Welcome to the Sleep Without Bile Club.

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