Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Little Train That Could

March is typically the never-ending month in school: nary a holiday or a president’s birthday in sight, typically no snow days, and two weeks of CAPT testing (read: two weeks of discombobulation). All at the end of a long winter. This year it’s even worse.

This year, after the string of snow-on-the-roof days at the beginning of the February, and a winter vacation that had been snatched from us even before Mother Nature started her antics, February was long and difficult too. So let’s just say then that, between February and March, winter has felt interminable. And there have been days I didn’t think I could make it—without losing my mind, anyway. And even though it’s not over just yet, the end is close. Spring starts in 3 days.

And it stays light out until 7 pm now. (Even though it’s dark on my way to work.)

And I hear birds chirping in the morning. (Even though I still sometimes need to defrost my car.)

The fourth and final quarter of the school year begins on April 4, a mere two weeks away.

And when the last quarter starts, I’ll be able to say, My pool opens in two months.

My window is open now.

Choo choo! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can make it now.

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Amy said...

Indeed. I think I can!!!

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