Saturday, March 19, 2011

[Heart] the Popcorn Combo

Akin to smell of roasting chickens that wafts right up your nostrils when you step foot in a grocery store, so goes the unmistakable scent of fresh popped popcorn upon entering Target. And whether you're looking at panini makers or panty liners it taunts you while you shop.

You make it to the checkout lines eventually and look over. There they are: those red bags adorned with white targets and a puffy yellow pile of popcorn behind the glass. You look up and see the sign: Popcorn Combo $1.50. And you want to kill the woman in front of you in line who has an item that requires a price check. But eventually you get there. You throw down the $1.59 for the bag of popcorn you can't wait to scarf in the car. But first you need to pour your own soda. Even though you don't really like soda. (Unless it's ginger ale with your vodka.) But you have to have it. The fizz and the acidity of caffeine enhances the salt burn on your tongue. And sends your hand back--over and over--into the bag that sits on the passenger seat on your way home.

You try to stop yourself at every stop light--not because you don't want to eat the whole thing but because you want to save some for the comfort of home. And maybe you're a little afraid that you'll be attacked by birds when you get out of the car and they swoop down to eat the crumbs and popcorn pieces that are everywhere, including your cleavage and your crotch.(Shoot, you forgot the pantyliners after all!) You roll the bag up. And open it again. Why stop now?

I [heart] the Target popcorn combo.


Tam said...

Totally :)

Amy said...

Hear that! Same at the movies.

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