Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day SNAFU

Ring ring

"Press 1 for [blah blah ] Press 2 for [blah-di-blah] …Please hold for the next available representative…"

"Cox Technical support, this is Tom, how can I help you?"

"Um, yeah, is it possible for a remote control just to stop working?"

"Well, let’s see. Have you checked the batteries?"

I'm not that stupid, I think. I say, "yes, I switched them with my remote for the TV itself and they work."

"The batteries can power another remote then?"

What part of that didn't you understand? "Yes."

"Unfortunately, it sound like the remote is no longer working. It happens. The remote is the most used electronic device in the home."

Joanne, don't be fresh. "So what do I do?"

[insert representative giving my options for waiting for a service call or instructions on where to go trade it out.]

"AAAHHHH. You mean I’m stuck home all day in the snow and ice without a remote control?!?!"

"Haha. Do you have kids? They make a good remote control."

"Uh, no. I live alone. Thanks."


Actually lots of clicks followed. The first was me hanging up the phone. The next 102 clicks came as I pushed a button 102 times to get from NBC (4) to OWN (106).

An hour later I pushed it 106 minus 39 (63, I guess) times to get to Food Network, and a couple hours after that I pushed it 35 times to get back to NBC again, where I left it the rest of the day.

Good times.

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Tam said...

LOL this is why I have B A S I C cable... 64 channels and my remote doesn't even work half the time. And for the record, my kids would no more change the channel for me than run down to Dairy Queen and treat me to a sundae.

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