Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shoveling Out

So we got some snow. Boy, did we get some snow. Most towns around here got 15-24 inches of snow. At the airport 22.5 inches fell, breaking the record of 21.9 inches for most snowfall in a single day. So, despite this being New England and all where we get snow regularly and know (for the most part) how to handle it (unlike the Carolinas that got pummeled and don’t have the equipment or personnel to deal with it quite as effectively), it was a snow day for pretty much everyone—not just teachers and students. That’s okay. I don’t mind sharing.

taken tonight; I'll try again tomorrow
When I ventured outside this afternoon to deal with uncover shovel out my car, I couldn’t see the steps. There was one big mound between the door and the sidewalk that— fortunately— had been plowed. At the end of the sidewalk and just to the left was my car…somewhere under the snow. Also at the end of sidewalk were several neighbors scattered about uncovering their own.

And that’s when the magic happened.

For two hours neighbors who sometimes never speak to each other helped each other out. We took turns shoveling out our cars, directing each other out of our parking spots and offering the occasional bumper shove so that we could move down the road, clear our parking spots, and move our cars back. I hailed down the plow driver that was attempting to go around the other side of the complex, as if I were in Boston and he were a taxi, and he cleared as many spots as he could while we shoveled cars out of said spots. (I’m sure you find it shocking that I took a leadership role in Project Parking Lot.) We got the job done. Two hours later, I came in smiling.

I know it wasn’t a barn-raising in Amish country or a third world, natural disaster relief effort, but in a world that seems reluctant to let villages raise children (although it is desperately needed), it was nice to be a part of a community of people who helped each other out. Because it was the right thing to do.

Mom's soup with grilled cheese
Too bad I didn’t have enough of my mom’s creamy tomato soup for everyone. I would have shared that, too.


Amy said...

Nice to hear about people helping people. Thanks for sharing!

Tam said...

Always good to restore one's faith in humanity :)

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