Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caveat to a Prayer

Dear God,

Gee. I must really be in your good graces lately because you really have been answering my prayers for snow days. Thanks for that. You have been delivering. In spades. But I wonder if maybe some unanswered prayers from previous years were still in your inbox? Because—not to be ungrateful or anything—I really didn’t want 5 days in 3 weeks. In fact, I was hoping for a couple of them to come mid-February, during that week we were supposed to be on vacation. Remember? And maybe one in March, which tends to be an interminable month. And we only get 3 more snow days before they start taking away April vacation, and I have plans to go to San Diego. But I digress.

Five snow days in January, plus delays and an early release, with another storm in the forecast for February 1st?


I think I’m good for now.



Tam said...

I'd still trade you for the 56 degree day we had today that wasn't even sunny. Seriously?

Amy said...

Dear God, ditto what she said. Thanks, Amy

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