Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Heart] Lunch Club with Amy

Cajun Pot Pies with andouille sausage and shrimp
Now that I'm back at school, lunch club is back in session. I am cooking a little more--but not as much as Amy yet. I brought her a quesadilla for lunch one day, and chili another--both basic dishes that are part of my repertoire. In return I've gotten two of her latest, restaurant-worthy culinary experiments.

Last week Amy shared an absolutely luscious corn and crab chowder, and yesterday I was happy to take my care-packaged lunch home where I could properly enjoy these Cajun pot pies (she package the filling separate from the puffed pastry bowls, of course) with an appropriate beverage. They were delicious: spicy, creamy comfort food in a perfect little package.

As teachers with twenty minute lunches, we don't get to go out to eat. Ever. And making your own lunch day after day gets old fast. Changing things up with a foodie friend makes things better. That's why I [heart] lunch club.


Amy said...

I [heart] lunch club also. Your chili is amazing, and I always appreciate it and all the dishes you share. Glad you like mine too!

Tam said...

Ok...need the recipe for both the chowder and the pot pies....PLEASE! Those look amazing!

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