Sunday, September 12, 2010

Change of Seasons

I wasn’t expecting that this week my pool would reopen for the 80 degree days. I knew the season ended last Monday, but I could not do more on Labor Day than come in from the pool and shower and leave things as I had all summer: my towel over a chair, my bathing suit rinsed and drying on hangers in my shower, my pool chair resting in the hall to dry, my beach bag on the floor near my end table. All week long I went about my back-to-school business with summer vacation paraphernalia scattered about in limbo. Today it was time to move on.

So I woke up early this morning to get summer laundry done—bathing suits in one load, beach towels in another. I put my beach chairs in the basement, and went through my beach bag. (I can’t imagine what kind of stink that mozzarella string cheese stick would have created had I not found it among the used sani-wipes and the subscription cards that had fallen out of various magazines. Really, is there anything more annoying?) Everything is put away now. I have my first batch of chili on the stove, a bowl of apples on the table, and a football game on TV.

And so it goes: another change of seasons underway.


Amy said...

A perfect beginning-of-autumn lunch. Thanks for sharing!

Tam said...


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