Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who Will be the Next Food Network Star?

I'm a Food Network junkie. In addition to cooking shows, I watch the competitions--even the cake challenges. Ace of Cakes makes me laugh. And, unlike some of my friends, I believe the Neelys. I think they are lovey dovey in real life. And even though it sometimes feels like I'm watching soft porn, I like them. Even though I don't cook like them. I love Giada (speaking of food porn, a term for which I must give Jill credit)and Ina, but my favorite is Next Food Network Star. I love Next Food Network Star. Most Sunday nights I'm in a texting frenzy with Donna and sometimes Meredith, unless she isn't watching live. In that case we'll debrief after she watches on DVR. Anyway.

Tonight's the big night. The finale of Next Food Network Star airs at 9, which means at about 9:57 we'll find out who wins, who will get his or her own show. I couldn't wait to see Dzintra go (in my estimation she should have been eliminated week 1), and Serena was totally on my nerves until her elimination. I was very sad to see Brad go (he was definitely a favorite) (and I think FN made a mistake, frankly; they let go of a chef when I'm getting sick of home cooks, and he could have grown up on air) but Aria's elimination didn't make me as sad as it would have in the beginning of the season. She was originally a favorite, but over time became a little annoying, "one-dimensional" I think Susie Fogelson called her.  And now we're down to Aarti, Herb, and Tom.

Will it be Aarti? If so, I hope she loses the flower. And the name of her show? Well why not Aarti's party--the possessive is natural and necessary, no?-- and not Aarti party? That is, if we have to go with the party theme at all. In fact, I hate the name. I don't know how much of her food I would make, but I'd probably watch her. She does have a great energy.

Tom? I kinda just want to give him a makeover. I get distracted by his unkempt hair, forget that I'm watching a cooking show and not the Hair Bear Bunch. His cooking has been decent but I'm not sure I'd watch him. But honestly, I'd be quite surprised if he won.

Herb? He definitely needs some therapy, but I like him. I like his concept. And I'd watch his show--if only to see if he could make it a half hour without a manic swing. Kidding. I like that he's sensitive but he needs to get his sh*t together. I think his show could be successful. A little ethnic, a little Ellie Krieger, I think he cooks like a lot of people try to. We'll see.

And when it's over, what will I do? Well, Tyler Florence is hosting The Great Food Truck Race that premieres tonight on FN right after FN Star.. And there's still Chopped, and Iron Chef. Meanwhile MasterChef just got under way on Fox, and Top Chef  on Bravo still has several weeks to go.

No worries.

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Tam said...

And Janelle's in the mountains with no TV. Poor kid!

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