Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy Combinations

There are certain combinations that are dangerous, even deadly. Drinking and driving, for example. And there are other combinations that are simply not smart. Take, for example, unattended children with magic markers and a big white wall. And some not-so-smaht combinations are also embarrassing. Take, for example:
  • Joanne with long, annoying bangs +scissors+ alcohol .
Yeah. There’s really nothing good that can come from that. In fact, now I look more like Little Lord Fauntleroy, after taking pinking shears to his fringe while on Benadryl, than I do myself.

I should know better. I’ve made this mistake before. I’ve been making it most of my life. But last year, I thought, no more. And I actually made some strides in avoiding such style setbacks: on more than one occasion, I actually went to my salon (the one I still have trouble identifying as anything other than My Salon because of its hair pun name) to have my bangs trimmed and that’s it. No cut, no foil. Just a bang trim. It’s free/complimentary to regular clients, so why not?

Maybe because it’s twenty five miles away and my sun and pool bleached hair actually needs a cut and probably a low-lite, and some deep conditioning, and I can’t really afford the aforementioned services? (Don’t tell Jill, but I’m actually out of salon product and currently using Suave.) So instead of picking up the phone and making a hair appointment, I strolled into the bathroom with said scissors and a little liquid courage and thought, I’ve done this before. It doesn’t always come out bad.

Needless to say, this time it did. Really bad. Short. Crooked. Zig-zaggy.

When will I learn?


Amy said...

It isn't that bad. Well, maybe it is. But I still love you. xoxo

Tam said...

Oh my God, I think you're channeling me. I have the freakiest "I-can-do-this" bangs right now...we should have a contest.

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