Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Soap Box

I am at the Seattle Tacoma Airport, with a couple hours ahead of me to wait and a harrowing experience just behind me.

For my last day in Seattle, Tamara and I headed downtown to Pike Place Market.

As I mentioned before, I love it there. With the vibrant flowers, fresh produce and flying fish (and check out those lobster tails!), it’s a bit like Quincy Market and the weekend Haymarket in Boston, but all rolled into one and a little more, every day. I love to people watch and window shop and take pictures, and Pike Place Market has it all to offer.

We started by strolling through the artisan stalls, and then went out to lunch to The Pink Door on Post Alley. We had a light, delicious lunch on a colorful deck—bright, mismatched table cloths and overflowing, hanging flower pots—overlooking the water, and enjoyed every bit of everything.

After lunch we made our way down to The Soap Box where I bought a bottle of Verbena lotion—apothecary style. I decided against the richest (A-D-E) lotion (too thick for summer) and went with a lighter version, better for summer, the season during which verbena is my scent of choice. We strolled some more, stopped for late afternoon drinks, and then my vacation was over. After a wonderful visit with Tamara and her family and friends—and with five books from Powell’s in Portland and my verbena lotion from Pike Place Market in Seattle—I was ready to head home.

Twenty minutes later I was at SeaTac saying a tearful goodbye. I checked my bag curbside and headed to security.

“Do you have lotion?” the TSA agent asks.

“Oh, no! …[string of expletives in my head as I tried not to cry] What a waste of money. I just bought it and forgot to put it in my checked bag.”

By the grace of God, and maybe because I wasn’t holding anyone up or because I didn’t have a quart size bag full of 3 ounce bottles already, he said, “We’re letting it through.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So, that thing about amateurs who live under a rock? Maybe some people just forget, or make silly mistakes like I did…

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Tam said...

Touche! Great post. It really was a great day!

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