Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday, when I finished nesting—washing and spinning lettuce, taking stock of my freezer stock—I actually thought about not going out to the pool. I was tired after a weekend spent mostly crying, glued to the TV watching the memorial and funeral service for Ted Kennedy (Rest in Peace), and didn’t want to be bothered to get in my bathing suit and gear up for the pool. So I decided to rest on the couch and ignore the sun that was peeking through my windows after a weekend of mostly rain.

While I dozed, I even fantasized about fall, about getting apple cider plug-ins from Bath and Body, and pumpkin spice scented Yankee candles. Clearly, I had gotten over the assault of the Halloween aisle at CVS, and the idea of autumn had sprouted somewhere in my brain. And I do love fall, especially after a long summer.

Eventually I scolded myself for being so lazy. I mean, come on now, that is award-winning sloth to be too tired to sit by the pool. Or at least to get myself there. I reminded myself that time moves on and the seasons change, and soon enough I will be wishing for a sunny day by the pool. I need to enjoy every moment and make the most of every day, and dreaming about fall from my comfy couch was not the best use of my time.

Especially since there’s no rule about dreaming about fall while sitting by the pool.

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