Saturday, January 11, 2014

Definitely Not In Sync

A couple weeks before Christmas I was watching Ellen during her 12 days of giveaways. One of the things she gave everyone in the audience was a Fitbit. Hmmm...What's that's all about, I wondered. So I looked it up on line.

It seemed like a great tool. If it did what it says, it would count my steps and monitor my heart rate and tell me how many times I wake up during the night. And it syncs with iPhone. But mostly, if it had the same effect on me as people in the testimonials, I would be motivated to walk more, to park further away, to get more steps in. And getting more steps in would in turn inspire me to make other healthy choices.

I sent the link to my super fit sister, Liz, and the next thing I knew, I suspected she was ordering it for me as a Christmas present.

Oh, happy day when I opened it for Christmas.

And then I opened the package. Syncs with 4s or higher. I have a 4. Syncs with iPad 3 or higher. I have iPad 2.

In other words, can't sync sh*t.

Oh well. Guess I'd need to return it and see if there is something else out there that can help me reach some fitness goals. Yeah, well, that part where I said "I need to return it," is not as easy as it sounds or as easy as it should be. Especially in this day and age of e-commerce when more often than not return labels are  included in the package. When I say it takes an act of congress, I am barely exaggerating.

First I needed to go on line and find the link to begin a customer service email conversation and initiate a return request. Seven emails later, my sister Liz was the recipient of the final "return authorization" email, which I needed to print to include in the package. Now I need to mail it back using a tracking method. And I need to get it done before 45 days of the initial purchase date, back in early December. Time's a tickin'...

So much for getting fit with Fitbit. Fit be to tied is more like it.

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Amy said...

That is ridiculous!

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