Friday, January 3, 2014

A Perfect Day

Today I am going to attempt having a perfect day.

We have a snow day in these parts, so I am home from school. I slept late and now I'm in my Christmas pajamas, drinking cup of coffee number 2 (cup number 3 is staying fresh and hot in a thermal carafe) and reading a book, while cinnamon bread bakes in the oven. Jill and I texted a few minutes ago and she's going to call in a little bit. I will enjoy that third cup of coffee with her. 

Later I will brave the bitter cold and subzero windchill to clear off my car and move it into a visitor spot so that my spot can be cleared. When I come back in, I'll get in some comfy sweats and warm up by making a pot of chili. While it simmers I will take care of some Christmas clutter and prepare the containers that I will use to share the chili will my friends. (My Christmas chili is late this year.)

This evening, when my kitchen is back in order and the chili is put away, I'll chop some onions and start a pot of French onion soup. While the onions caramelize I may attempt a project. Or maybe I'll write some more. Or maybe I'll just pour a glass of wine and read some more before I eventually enjoy a bowl of soup as a late, light, but comforting dinner. 

When I go to bed tonight I hope to be happy with what I made of my day instead of thinking, why did you wait for a snow day? 

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