Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Week in a Word: Predictable

I know now that it is typical for me to fantasize about taking a mental health day without following through (because calling in is harder than showing up), so that on Friday I'll be exhausted but proud. (I agree, there is something wrong about both fantasizing a sick day AND deciding it's easier not to take one. Every week.)

In the middle of it I'll go out to eat one night, do a little retail therapy (probably the same night I go out for dinner) (and probably with Amy), visit with my parents another night, have a (little) burst of energy to work on house projects another night, and go to bed ridiculously early yet another without feeling refreshed in the morning. 

And at the end of it, before I've fully recovered from the previous week, I will gear up to do it all over again the next. 

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