Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[Heart] Note to... Bluetooth in My Car

I love a lot, make that everything, about my new car. The shiny, dent-free, scratch-free newness makes me smile. As does the new car smell. And the way it drives. I have experienced before that kind of newness and the happiness that comes from it exactly twice in my adult life, but this time on a scale of one to ten my happiness is an eleven (a la Spinal Tap). One better.

Because my phone talks to my car.

I know, right?

Every song I have downloaded from iTunes I can play in my car. My contact list is available to me on a touch screen. My phone rings through my car speakers. No more fishing through my purse to find my phone. No more second guessing if I forgot my phone once I belt in and start the engine. I turn on my car and it tells me if it's there: Bluetooth Connected. All those moments of digging around my purse I won't get back, but I am happy never to have to waste another moment like that again.

Driving is a joy again. Singing along to my favorite 123 songs in random order this past week has been delightful.

Bluetooth, I love you.

1 comment:

Amy said...

So awesome. Am jealous.

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