Saturday, December 8, 2012

Big Mac and a Good Book

Last week school was really stressful. How stressful? Hmmm. Well, yesterday after school, after I finished running a couple of errands, I went to the McDonald's drive-thru and ordered a Big Mac and small fries. Yeah. But wait, there's more. I drove home, got in my pajamas (it was 4:30) and poured myself a giant vodka and ginger ale before I inhaled said Big Mac and fries. That stressful.

So this morning I was feeling pretty entitled to a day of doing nothing until it's time to get showered and boil the kielbasa for my first holiday party this evening. But when I stood at my kitchen counter grinding my Pike Place Roast, I made a deal with myself. I would NOT turn on my iPad and take my turns at all the Zynga games I play. I knew that would be a recipe for a day spent doing nothing other than that, and as much as I felt I had earned an unproductive Saturday, I knew there were other things  I could do that would make me feel better, like get back to the funny book I am reading but that I hadn't picked up in more than a week. Yes, I know, reading isn't exactly productive either, but it is better for me than playing games. Definitely more enriching. And reading often inspires me to write. Case in point.

So, yay, me for making a good choice this morning, but now it's time to get some housecleaning done before I need to get ready for the party (that I hope will put me in the holiday spirit) so that I can think about decorating for Christmas myself tomorrow.

Just as soon as I take my turns in Words with Friends...

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Amy said...

It's hard when work is so stressful that deciding whether to read or play games on a day off makes all the difference.

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