Friday, October 12, 2012

Rocking On

The other day I was mentioning to my sister Liz that I wish I had kept a running list of concerts I’ve gone to in my life. We are both devoted list and journal keepers, but way back when it never occurred to us to start a list of concerts we’ve attended. I think I could name everyone I’ve seen—from AC/DC to Pearl Jam, Peter Frampton to Earth, Wind and Fire—but I know I’ve seen some performers/bands/artists multiple times. I’m just not sure how many. And although I probably have all the ticket stubs—some taped in journals, others in various memory boxes or old wallets—I don’t have a list to which I can refer. I would guess a hundred or so total, but I cannot assign for certain a number to the Peter Gabriel concert I am going to tomorrow night.

I know.

Peter Gabriel.

O.M. G.

I can tell you I saw him about ten years ago—at the same, small venue—and it was one of my favorite shows. So I’m really, really looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night. He’s one of my favorites. And while I would give anything to see John Cusack come out on stage with a boom box to begin “In Your Eyes” as he did at the Hollywood Bowl (I know, didn’t that just give you chills?) I will enjoy every song he performs from So on this tour of its 25th anniversary.

Yep. And that’s how long I’ve been going to concerts. And then some. But it has been a while since I’ve been to one.

Long enough that I needed to download a Zippo lighter app last night.

Yeah, I did.

So I can rock on.

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