Monday, October 1, 2012

Politics, Polls, and Proms

For those of you who know me personally, or who were reading four years ago, you already are aware I am a political junkie. I cried when Tim Russert died as if he were a personal friend (meaning I wept) and I love Chris Matthews as much as I loved Tim. Eugene Robinson? Michael Isikoff? Dream dates for a midlife prom. Rachel Maddow? C'mon, now! She's brilliant and she mixes a mean cocktail.

I read and a get a laugh daily from Elinor Lipman (fellow Simmons alumna, writing teacher and favorite author/hero) and her rhyming political tweets (200 of which are now available in paperback as Tweet Land of Liberty: Irreverent Rhymes from the Political Circus), and text with my friend Candyce (also a Simmons College alum, fellow political junkie and long time friend) multiple times a day.

When Brian Williams signs off at 6:59, I tune into msnbc. I watched the conventions, respond aloud to political ads the way people talk get worked up about football games, have the debates scheduled on my iCloud calendar, and will be glued to the TV on Election Day. After, of course, I get home from the polls.

So tonight just after I put down my cell phone (having signed off from a text conversation with Candyce during which we planned a FaceTime debrief on Thursday after the Wednesday night debate), when my house phone rang during The Chris Matthews Show I wasn't sure I wanted to answer. So I glanced up at my TV to check caller ID. I saw this: Quinnipiac University.

OMG!!! Me?! You want me to respond to your poll? Well, yeah, of course! I think I just died and that midlife prom got rescheduled to heaven!

I didn't say that to the pollster, of course. (Well, not all of that.) But I did answer each and every question truthfully, honestly, and proudly. Now I can't wait to see the next, latest Quinnipiac Poll results.

May as well hand over that sash and tiara, because it feels about the same.


CanDo said...

Loved this piece. With more than quarter century of pass conversations between us on politics and the like, I am so excited to see what you blog on Nov 7th. Thanks friend.

Amy said...

Don't worry...I won't call you tonight during the debate ;-)

Amy said...

Don't worry...I won't call you tonight during the debate ;-)

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