Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[Heart] Note...to Summer

I love summer. And I don’t mean just having summer off—although the vacation is definitely nice.

I mean the season of summer and all that it means…No makeup, or blow dryers, or alarm clocks or schedules or pressure. Instead, lots of the sunshine (until after 8!), and my pool, time to write, time to read (novels!), and twisted iced twisted teas and lemon drops, and watermelon, and the beach, and barbeques, sunglasses, hair clips, flip flops, going away (this year to Chicago with Deanna), and having friends visit (this year Jill and Tam, separately), carving out a day to read an entire book, tomatoes and cucumbers, pink noses and pink toenails.



Tam said...

Me. Too. Can't wait to see you!

Amy said...

And. Me. Yay!!!

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