Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Groan] Is It Over Yet? [Grunt]

This is the second to last week of school and am I more exhausted than ever. Usually the summer weather and long days and promise of vacation put a spring in my step at the end of the year, but not this year....this exceptionally l...o...n...g... year with snow days instead of vacation, which doesn't end until the 24th.

Mornings are a struggle—despite the ease of hairclip season—and the school day is worse. Students are done, have been done, and I’m still trying to teach. Finals don't begin until Friday after all. My usually successful strategy of teaching the reproductive system to seniors in  A&P at the end of the year isn't working. Even bandying about anatomical terms--clitoris, gonads, penis--doesn't get a rise of them. (No pun intended.) They have shut down. And I'm ready to as well.

I want to sit with my new Kindle and play Shuffled Row until I get arthritis in my thumbs. I want the option not to leave the house or the pool for a day--after I grab a book from my new pile to read (I can't eliminate real books completely from my life, despite the Kindle).

What my body needs is not to follow eight hours of sleep with eight hours of stress be it in the form of unmotivated students or frantic final exam preparation or fruitless and frustrating faculty meetings.

I need a vacation.

And I need it NOW.

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