Saturday, April 16, 2011

[Heart] my New Camera

Much like the can opener whose sentimental value made it hard to give up, my old camera long outlived its usefulness. Several months ago, I dropped it face down on it lens (while taking photos of one of my artfully prepared dinners truth be told) and it hasn't been the same since. There was pretty much only one focus on it, which was not within my control, but I kept using it. I would stick with it, dammit, as it had stuck by me on my trip to Europe and my first 250 blog posts. What beautiful images it captured for me! How could I abandon it?

I had already asked the Iceman (my brother-in-law, Jim, who is also a Canon employee) to send it for repair once, I probably shouldn't ask again--especially since at this point it is obsolete (as are the memory cards, which hold about 128 pictures) and outdated.

But it took such good pictures!

--But nobody else could use it but me. And I couldn't take all the shots I wanted.

But oh, that picture of the Duomo, taken from the rooftop restaurant of my hotel in Florence.

--But a new camera will cost less than cocktails with Amy at Burtons! And you have a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

And so, I gave in. I bought a new camera. Another Canon. And I [heart] it.

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