Friday, April 15, 2011

At Last!

Getting from the beginning of the new year until today without a February vacation to break up the monotony was a daunting task, a laborious chore, about as pleasant as packing up a pack rat’s apartment, one box at a time. But finally, today it is over. Waking up this morning felt like taping the last box closed; hitting the auto button my coffee maker after I poured myself a cup to shut off the automatic function felt like locking the door and walking away.

I wish I were destined with the boxes for an exotic place, but that is not the case. I’m leaving the boxes behind. Nine days that I don’t have to beat the sun up will be my reward for getting the job done. And while that’s not nearly as exciting as a San Diego vacation would be, I’ll take it.

April vacation at last!


Amy said...

Hooray! Hooray!

Tam said...

Well deserved, my friend. Enjoy every minute!!

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