Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas

At this moment I am doing my best impression of a kid on Christmas Eve, looking through the mini-blinds for signs of Santa and his sleigh—only I'm looking for the first flakes of what promises to be a huge winter storm. Although the initial time projections are off , I do believe the forecast accumulation predictions of 8 -14 inches. Of course there's a 6 inch cushion there. But still. I first heard about this Nor'easter yesterday, while I was out shopping after school, from people stuck in long lines with me, and used the rumors to motivate myself to stay out and do as much as I could. And I did.

This morning I was content to go to the gym and run a couple errands (and stock up provisions as if this is the 1920s and a foot of snow will cripple us). I proceeded home to wait for the storm. I cancelled dinner plans with Mandy and I’m still waiting.

But I’ve made some chocolate bark with hidden treasures worthy of consideration at Ben and Jerry’s, I’ve written some cards and emails, and I’ve thought more about running into an old friend, whom I haven’t seen in nearly 30 years, at the mall last night. And getting home and finding an email in my in-box from a friend in Boston with whom I used to work at Crate and Barrel and with whom I fell out of touch a couple years ago. I called him immediately and we picked up where we left off, no hard feelings or hurt feelings, happy to laugh and promising to get together next time I’m there.

So as I wait for the snow to fall it's not because I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow. (Although I must say the timing is off by a day...) Rather, it’s because I want Christmastime to look out my window as magical as it feels to me tonight.

If snow is not in your forecast, or if it is but you still need a spirit boost, click here. I promise it'll do the trick.

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Amy said...

Beautiful pix! And the youtube video was lovely. Thanks for sharing the holiday spirit!

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