Monday, January 26, 2009

Looking Forward

Here in New England it is cold and it is only January. I certainly have more snow days in my future and I want to enjoy them, but already I am feeling the effects of lack of sunshine. Days are getting longer, but not fast enough. It will be months before my self-diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder melts away. So last weekend, when my social calendar was blank, I wasn't comfortable just hibernating. I wanted to look forward, to make plans that would get me through these cold days of January, that would enable me to say tee hee when my next snow day call comes.

When I talked to Deanna, during our (almost) weekly Sunday call, I revisited a conversation about the possibility of her visiting this summer for a week. Although my home is not a vacation destination, I do have a pool, and as Deanna has said in the past, "we vacation well together." We will eat out and go shopping and sit out together by the pool. We'll watch movies, read books, take naps, and visit Boston--our old stomping ground. We're going to narrow down a couple of options for weeks that work for both of us, and go from there. Perfect. Spending time with Deanna, though more sedate--if you will-- than a certain vacation in Orlando back in the day, is always a lot of fun.

But honestly, I need something a little sooner than July to look forward to. So after lots of conversations with Jill over the holidays that invariably elucidated how (ridiculously) long it has been since we've seen each other, I logged onto Orbitz and looked at fares to San Diego. $278?? Really?? I can handle that! With an income tax refund in store I can handle $278. I love San Diego, and I miss Jill. I can go to San Diego during April vacation!

Bring on Wednesday's Winter Storm Watch. Tee hee, tee hee, tee hee.


Deanna said...

I can't wait for our almost annual get together this July. Can it be that this coming September will be the 24th anniversary of our meeting? Seems impossible! Let's celebrate or 25th with a trip to the islands or Europe!

Looking forward to many more years of Sunday calls and mini reunions, across the country or across the ocean.


Tam said...

Ok, sorry to hone in on your friendship, but I am soooo jealous! A) I've never met you, Deanna, but would love to, and 2) why did you have to go and say that about the islands and Europe? I'm sick with envy!! Have a great visit together, as I know you will. :)

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