Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rainy Night Reading: No Shoes Allowed

Yesterday my premier issue of Food Network Magazine came in the mail. Today, my November issue of Gourmet arrived. I love magazines. I love writing a check for 10 or 15 dollars and getting a magazine to read every month for a year. I also have a stack of catalogs (some good, come cheesy), that I've been accumulating--Crate&Barrel, Talbots, Current, Catalog Favorites, and a few others--for a night just like tonight.

I'm tired and not very ambitious. I had a busy weekend and have been up late the last two nights watching the Red Sox (lose) and the Patriots (win) in that order. 5 o'clock am always comes early (for my liking), but it's almost brutal when bedtime doesn't happen until after 11. Good news for me tonight is that it's raining, so I won't feel guilty about not being productive. I plan on flipping through aforementioned periodicals in my comfy sweats and fuzzy socks--against the recommendations of my podiatrist and PT who recommend supportive shoes, i.e., sneakers, even at home. (I'm sorry, but how can I possibly put my feet up on the couch and pull a cozy blanket on my lap with sneakers on?) Tonight is about Rainy Night Reading. No shoes allowed.

After dinner I'm going to shut off my ringers, mute the TV, and leaf through free catalogs and magazines whose subscriptions cost in many cases less than a book. Chances are I'll have microwave popcorn by my side, and a glass of wine on the coffee table.

Ah, the simple things in life.

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