Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Email Madness

Used to be I could find five or ten minutes at the end of study hall or something that barely resembles lunch break to go through my email--quickly deleting those I had no interest in based on the address and/or subject line, leaving in my inbox those I should check out when I had more time. The occasional really good coupon made it worth the minimal effort. These days? Not so much.

Lately I don't get a single minute (never mind 5 or 10!) to scan my inbox during the day. Even if I did, it would not be enough time to go through the umpteen emails I get these days.

Case in point? I promised Amy today that I would catch up on her blog. (She and her husband won a Whole Foods recipe contest!) When I opened my iPad tonight, I had notification of 50 new emails since this morning when I last checked during morning coffee. Yes, 50.

That's it, I thought. I'm done with newsletters I never read and discount offers I don't take advantage of.

I proceeded then to spend AN HOUR OF MY LIFE THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK unsubscribing from lists, some of which I never signed up for. God forbid unsubscribing be easy. Nooooooo. Some emails I had to download more of to find the prompt. Others provided links to unsubscribe that were easy to find, but when I clicked "unsubscribe" sent me out to their websites to rethink my request or tell them why I wanted off their list.

Then I spent FIFTEEN MINUTES deleting more emails that told me I have "successfully unsubscribed."

Meanwhile, I still haven't caught up on Amy's blog! Or finished a post I started writing last week.

My point exactly.


PS Since posting I have caught up on A Couple in the Kitchen, and found out they won a photo contest, too.

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Amy said...

Only 50?!? Sometimes I have over 100! While it's 1/2 hour you'll never get back, it was probably worth the time. I need to get on that. It really is madness.

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