Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just for Fun

Last weekend, I received a text from a friend that said "enjoy your nine days off!" Okay, I thought, that's one way to look at. I was more inclined to see it as five days off because weekends don't really count, and was also on the verge of a little pity party because I wasn't going away, but I was willing to change my mindset. After K's unwitting pep talk I decided to embrace the Nine Day Philosophy. I could get a lot done; I could feel good about my vacation. I opened my iPad notes and started a list: Nine Days, Nine Projects.

The next day I decided to finish writing that list (one day had passed; I hadn't even finished writing the project list), but realized I needed to write another list as well: Nine Days, Nine Fun Things To Do. It was my vacation after all.

Needless to say, this week hasn't been a whole lot of fun. My project list is untouched (yes, it's Thursday), and although I have done some fun things--lunch with Amy, an afternoon with Lindsay, a mani-pedi this morning--it hasn't been a fun week for me.

I have been shocked, and worried, relieved and grief stricken. I have been sad and I have been preoccupied. Incredulous. Heartbroken. Distracted.

Earlier this afternoon, while I watched more news and enjoyed some Chinese takeout--a plate on my lap, a pile of unread magazines and books at my side, and my newly painted feet on the coffee table in front of me--I decided it was time to scrap my project list. Delete. There will be rainy days and weekends ahead. For the next few days, these last three days of my vacation, I am going to focus on trying to have a little more fun.

Despite my sadness.

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