Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So far, the beginning of this new year resembles those of others in recent memory: quite a bit of reflection and taking stock, new storage boxes and a vow to get organized, a trip to the grocery store with a carriage full of produce and Progresso soup, a moment on my bathroom scale (resulting in aforementioned trip to grocery store).

Only the beginning of this year came after the end of last, which--albeit another year of tremendous loss and sadness--ended in a positive way, with happy memories and news of good things to look forward to.

So this year I have thrown a whole lot of hope into my new year mix. (And bought a necklace in San Diego to remind me of it.) I hope for more good. For positive change. For answers to questions. For direction, And courage. And love. And I believe that it can come to me. To us.

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Amy said...

Great post to start the new year!

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