Friday, July 6, 2012


Amy just posted a link to my blog in a post about that Boston getaway I mentioned In my last post so I'm feeling like I should have a more recent, maybe more lengthy, post for her readers who might stop by. But, quite frankly, with no disrespect to A Couple in the Kitchen readers, this singleton is in the throes of housework--some that I have neglected, some preparations for Deanna's visit-- that I'd like to get done in time to go out this afternoon with Amy for Happy Hour.

You can understand my dilemma, no? Thanks for that.

And thank you, too, Amy.

PS As much as I love my iPad, it certainly has limitations--particularly in trying to blog on it. I couldn't get the link where I wanted it and I can't upload photos. Forgive me the oddly placed link to A Couple in the Kitchen and inability to post a photo.

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