Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pick Me Ups

I've had a couple of bad days at work. Reeeeally bad days. Which happen to have nothing to do with my students, or my classes. And, in full disclosure, it's not been a very good month for me to begin with. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and that means every day this month, at least once a day, I have seen something pink and/or heard a news story that reminds me of Donna. More specifically I am reminded of the fact that we lost Donna despite the ribbons and walks and everything pink. Not that I don't think of her a lot anyway. I have my own set of known triggers that make me miss her terribly; I'm fine without any more.

But back to the last couple of days that left me in need of some retail therapy.

I would have gone last night, but all I could do was cry--meaning I could not stop crying and was not fit for being in public. (Even this morning I could have used a couple of extra hours with cold compresses.) But today, after making it through the day without crying, I rewarded myself with a few simple things.

dish towels that make me happy

new fuzzy socks
and cold sesame noodles that are better than any I make

 Now I'm just left to wonder what to make of this fortune that came with them...

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