Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snow Days--no shovels required

Let me begin by saying that I did not take Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene lightly. I was prepared but unharmed. My heart goes out to anyone affected and consider myself fortunate that I was not. Let me also add that I am not one of those people whining that it was over-hyped. Really? Have you seen footage of the deluge in Vermont? The wreckage in East Haven, Connecticut? More than 40 people are dead all along the east coast; I dare say Irene was not given any undue credit.

Yet this post is more about the school cancellations than the hurricane. Sort of.

I can't help but think that back when the expectations of education were realistic and before school districts were run as corporations, when summer vacation didn't end Labor Day weekend, there would be no cancellations to begin with and, therefore, no exasperated messages from superintendents barely able to spit out the news that there would be no school.

In the aftermath of this--which could have been soooo much worse (anyone remember Katrina?)--and the grand scheme of things, we should be grateful, not put out.

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Amy said...

My thoughts exactly.

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