Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Days

On the topic of snow days, within my faculty there are two factions: those who would rather not have any snow days, and those who, more like students, enjoy snow days and look forward to them. The former says they'd prefer to get out earlier in June. I, a member of latter group, respond to those in the former with "we're still getting a long vacation. Whether we get out on the 16th or the 20th, we still get two months off." We live in New England, so we're going to have snow storms and, therefore, snow days. Why not enjoy them?

I see snow days as a little gift from God that says, Have an extra cup of coffee today. Or Spend time with your kids. Work on that project list. Even Get caught up on correcting. Make yourself lunch and take longer than 20 minutes to eat it. I know it is difficult to engender sympathy with non-teachers because of our summers off, but teaching is a difficult and stressful profession. In the throes of the school year we only get one personal day, and it is often more difficult to call in sick than it is to go to school while not feeling well...Which is precisely why I enjoy snow days, and why I can't understand my colleagues who would rather do without.

That being said, it is March, and I'm ready for spring and could do without any more snow days. I've had my share. Still, I enjoyed my day today. I made the most of it, knowing it will probably be the last. Tomorrow I will put away the lucky snowman that sits on my file cabinet and that I touch when a storm is forecast, and that my students are familiar with because of the big deal I make when I put him out in December.

I guess maybe there are three factions then: those opposed, those who appreciate, and those who are as "bad" as the kids. Tee hee.

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Tam said...

Lucky snowman - love it! I love that you have that small, but important connection with the kids. I think I've said this a million times...if I had had a science teacher like you, I would have a way better job now. Or at least I wouldn't have to look up words like "entropy".

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